Teeth Removal

The decision to remove a tooth or teeth is based on a combination of the condition of the tooth, your dentist’s recommendation, and your needs. There are several indications for removal of teeth including the following:

  • Severe tooth decay that cannot be filled
  • Fracture of the tooth that cannot be filled or have root canal
  • Abscessed tooth that is painful and cannot or will not be restored
  • Gum disease resulting in serious loss of supporting bone
  • Baby teeth that are abscessed or over retained (kept too long)
  • Relieve crowding (make room to facilitate braces)
  • Poorly positioned teeth in the dental arch posing a hygiene problem
  • Inadequate number of teeth to sustain chewing, leading the need for dentures

Removal of teeth should be established after thorough evaluation by your dentist who will refer you to our office. We will help in treatment planning your surgery and also, we will make recommendations for anesthesia. The treatment and disposition of your teeth is your decision.

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