The mouth has more bacteria than any other part of the body. It is a wonder that more infections do not occur. For the most part, the bacteria and viruses found in the mouth live in harmony with each other. Certain conditions occur which change the balance causing the growth of a pathologic bacteria or virus. When an infection does appear in the mouth, several steps must take place to restore health to the area and to insure that the offending agent will be eliminated.

The preferred treatment for infections in the oral region is to eliminate the cause: it may involve removal of the offending tooth or teeth, removing the debris from the crest of the gum tissue, or under the soft tissue, drain the swollen fluid (pus), irrigate the area to flush out the irritant, and generally restore health to the tissues.

An infection in the mouth may be caused by deep tooth decay, a fractured tooth that has become infected, gum disease of variable severity, food lodged under gum tissue partially covering a tooth especially a wisdom tooth.

The sinuses above the upper back teeth can be infected by bacteria from the air and also from infections in the upper back teeth whose roots protrude into the sinus. Additionally, the salivary glands in the mouth can require medication to resolve the infection to the gland.

Infections are best resolved medically (antibiotic medication), surgically (removal of teeth, drain, etc), or locally (flushing, rinsing, brushing, etc). Our office will evaluate the degree of the infection (mild, moderate, severe) and will recommend treatment based on your health, the health of the tissues, and the procedure needed to reestablish a health environment.

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