Unerupted Teeth Exposure

Frequently permanent teeth are late in erupting or poorly positioned in the dental arch of the upper or lower jaw which can interfere with their normal eruption. In these cases the dentist or orthodontist may request that the tooth be exposed or that a ‘bracket and chain’ be attached to the tooth to facilitate the movement of the tooth into alignment.

Exposure of the tooth can require the removal of gum tissue which is over the tooth. If the tooth (often an eye tooth or bicuspid tooth) is poorly aligned, a bracket and small gold chair is bonded to the tooth. This assists the orthodontist who then guides the tooth into proper position.

The surgery is more tedious than difficult and the recovery period is short. There is minimal discomfort or swelling. For patient comfort, the procedure is most often performed with local anesthesia and intravenous sedation.

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