Dental Arch Recountouring

Irregular shape of the dental arch is not uncommon and is often seen in the areas where teeth have been previously removed. The arch may have sharp ridges of bone which is sensitive to touch, under contoured (undercut) ridges which make insertion and removal of dentures difficult and painful, or thin or flat ridges which can result in a poorly fitting denture.

Normal dental arches also can have large, thick, and firm bone projections (tori) which can interfere with healthy oral hygiene and the placement of dental restorations (fillings) and dentures.

Surgical correction of unfavorable dental arch shape, size, or position usually involves moving the overlying gum tissue and reducing the bone to a more functional shape. Stitches are usually used to reposition the gum tissue. The sutures (stitches) are removed in 7-10 days, and the removal is no more painful that trimming fingernails.

The extent of the surgery depends on your needs and the needs of your restorative dentist who will complete your treatment plan.

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