Implant Surgery

Post operative care following the placements of dental implants in your mouth is the first step in an important series of events which can insure success. Once the implant is placed, the process of follow up care begins in stages:

  1. Take care not to disturb the surgical site in the first week with food, brushing, or direct trauma to the area. Soft diet is preferred at first followed by meals as they are tolerated.
  2. Take your medication, especially the antibiotic, for the prescribed period. Placement of implants for the most part occurs in healthy tissue, it is important to keep the environment healthy (by preventing local infection) to assure optimum healing.
  3. Keep your post operative appointments as they are scheduled to check for healing events at certain times: removal of stitches, management of oral hygiene and tissue health, management of soft tissue massage and tissue health, post operative x-rays to monitor the status of your implant.
  4. Occasionally the soft tissue over the implant may be thin and the implant may become visible. This is not a problem provided you are able to keep the area clean and healthy.
  5. Call our office if you find any unusual events (bleeding, swelling, sharp bone, pain) or if you have any questions.

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