Tooth Exposure

The care of the wound (surgical site) in patients who have had a tooth or teeth exposed depends on whether the tooth has been uncovered only or has had a bracket and chain placed.

If your tooth was exposed by moving and repositioning the gum tissue around the tooth you must be careful not to disrupt the newly placed tissue. The tissue can be held in the new position by using stitches or a wound dressing (called a pack). The stitches need to be removed in one week. The pack which looks like semisolid chewing gum needs to remain in place for one week until removed.

The tooth that has been exposed and had a bracket and chain bonded should have the same careful management. In these cases the tooth was exposed, a bracket and chain were bonded, and the gum tissue was probably sutured (stitched) back in position. The area will have minimal discomfort or swelling. The stitches will be removed in one week and the orthodontist may begin using the chain to help move the tooth into place.

In either event you may rinse with salt water and eat a soft diet, but be careful to avoid direct contact to the surgical area. The stitches may loosen over the week, but if they become untied or fall out call our office. If the packing becomes loose or falls off, call our office and we will advise you. You should have an appointment to see your orthodontist soon after the stitches or packing is removed.

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