Denture Surgery

If you have had your teeth removed and a denture was placed over the extraction sites and over the remainder of your upper and/or lower jaw there are several steps you must do to ensure that the areas will heal well and that you will adjust to your new denture.

  1. Leave your denture(s) in your mouth for the first 24 hours. Removing the teeth could cause the region to swell and you may not be able to put your teeth back in place.
  2. After the first day remove the denture(s) and clean them thoroughly. When the teeth are out, rinse your mouth with warm salt water gently, and then put the denture back in place in your mouth.
  3. Continue this routine for several days trying to keep the dentures in your mouth. The teeth will also protect the surgical sites.
  4. The surgical sites may be painful, but you must try to keep the teeth in place.
  5. The pain medication is intended for you to manage wearing the dentures and the pain
  6. As the denture settle they will stay in better, but sore spots may occur. The sore areas may be adjusted by your dentist
  7. Return to our office to have your sutures removed if necessary
  8. The importance of good nutrition cannot be overemphasized. In addition to learning to use your new teeth, you can be helping the healing process.
  9. If you have any questions: unusual bleeding, pain, or swelling, please call our office.

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